Video Tutorials

Designer Layout

Ideal layout for creating animations, especially for Unit 37 - 2D Animation Production and Unit 43 - Multimedia Design

Simple Animation Part 1

Simple animations for creating animated effects with text

Simple Animation Part 2

More Simple animations for creating animated effects with text

Morphing Part 1

How to create simple morphing techniques using shape tweens and using the timeline effectively for smooth animations.

Morphing Part 2

Continuation for part 1 with additional sounds and ways of making your animation more effective

Masking - Creating The Spotlight Effect

Example of how to do masking and using masking techniques to create a spotlight effect


Creating an animated slideshow using Adobe Flash CS5.5

Photo Gallery

How to create a simple photo gallery in Adobe Flash CS5.5 which you can use for a website

Combining Animations

Tutorial on combining multiple flash documents into one using movie clips

Creating a Website using Adobe Flash CS5.5 Part 1

How to create a website using Adobe Flash CS5.5 with Actionscript 3

Creating a Website using Adobe Flash CS5.5 Part 2

Continuation of how to create a website in Adobe Flash CS5.5 using Actionscript 3

How to Create a Login Page in Adobe Flash

How to create a login page in a website or flash application using Adobe Flash

Creating Custom Buttons

How to create custom buttons in Adobe Flash for your website or another other application using the software

Distort Tool

Distort moves the sides or corners of an object in the direction you drag a selection handle while the tool is active. This is helpful in creating a 3D look.

Magic Wand

Selects an area of similarly coloured pixels in an image. You can then effectively remove a background or a specific area of an image.

Sharpen Filter

Sharpen images to make them look more crisp and effect, giving them a HD effect. This useful for repairing out-of-focus photographs

Skew Tool

The skew tool allows you to move each corner of the object being skewed independently. Skew slants an object along a specified axis.

Smudge Tool

Smudge parts of an image or text to make them partially visible

Creating a Shadow Effect

How to create a twilight type shadow to add to your text. Creating an effective addition to your logo

Creating a Shadow for Text

Adding an effective shadow to your text

Creating a Mug Using Blender Part 1

Part 1 of a two part tutorial on how to create a mug using 3D modelling software

Creating a Mug Using Blender Part 2

Part 2 of a two In this tutorial you will learn how to change colour and effects to the mug using materials

Basic 3D Animations in Blender Part 1

How to animate 3D text in Blender and creating simple techniques

Basic 3D Animations in Blender Part 2

Using filters to create effective animations in Blender 3D modelling software

Adding Sound in Blender

How to add sound in Blender using video editing layout

Creating Streaks Using the Filter tool

Using filters to create effective animations in Blender 3D modelling software

3D Drop Rotate Animation in Blender

How to animate 3D text in Blender with effects on how to rotate text

Creating Custom Fonts

How to create and use your own custom fonts and styles in Blender to your 3D Models

HTML Layout

How all HTML documents should be laid out and what they should include regardless of which version of HTML

Title Tag

Adding a title to the the HTML document, which appears on the tab of the web browser

Adding Body Styles

Customising the body of your web page to certain fonts and other related properties

Adding Styles to Text

How to customise your text to particular size and colour.

Adding Images

How to add an image to your html document and adjust its properties

Creating Button

How to create buttons into worksheets so that you can assign macros

Drop Down List

Creating a list with a selection to make spreadsheet user friendly and improve efficency

Formatting in MS Excel

Changing colour, font, size and layout of cells as well as adding borders and shading

Formatting Individual Cells

Formatting cells to appropriate values such as Currency, Number, Date, Time etc

Cell Protection

Locking specific areas of a worksheet to avoid deletion of modification

Goal Seek

How to find the end result of a something, but not sure what input value is required

IF Function

How to use the logical IF function. The IF function is used to choose one of two values to put in a cell.


Displaying a value or statement based on at least ONE condition being met. Statement if conditions are true and if conditions are false


Displaying a value or statement based on ALL conditions being met. Statement if conditions are true and if conditions are false


How to count the number of times a value appears in a selected range then at the numbers together to make a total

Freeze Panes

How to freeze panes to keep column and row headings visible regardless of scrolling. Very use for worksheets with large amounts of data

Current Date/Time

Formula on how to enter current Date/Time which updates automatically everytime you open the worksheet

Creating a Pie Chart

A pie chart is a round chart, where each of the pieces of the pie represents a group of values

Creating a Bar Chart

Creating a simple bar chart and making sure you have included all the appropriate formatting and titles

Creating a Breakeven Chart

Creating a breakeven chart to show where the revenue meets the outgoing.

Creating a Macro

How to create a macro which is a set of instructions given to Excel to execute a command

Renaming a Worksheet

The different ways of renaming worksheet in Excel.

Developer Tab

How to enable the Developer tab. Enable the Developer tab on the Excel 2010 Ribbon.

Sorting Data

You can quickly reorganise a worksheet by sorting your data. Content can be sorted alphabetically, numerically, and in many other ways.

Using Filters

Filters can be used to narrow down the data in your worksheet, allowing you to view only the information that you need.

Data Validation

With data validation, you can control what is entered in a cell, and prevent invalid data


A function to automate your data in different cells or sheets when using Excel 201

Creating Blank Spaces

Creating Blank spaces for certain cells when corresponding cells are empty or invalid

Conditional Formatting

Enables you to highlight cells with a certain color, depending on the cell's value

Data Table

Data Tables are a range of cells that are used for testing and analyzing outcomes on a large scale.

Range Name

Naming a selection of cells to make writing formulae easy

Exit Macro

How to create a Macro to exit an MS Excel spreadsheet using Visual Basic programming

Scenario Manager

Keeping all worksheets together with differnt you can use scenarios create a useful summary

On Mouse Click

How to create a hyperlink to go to another slide on a 'Mouse CLICK' event

On Mouse Over

How to create a hyperlink to go to another slide on a 'Mouse Over' event

Adding Animation Effects

How to change the effects of an animation appropriately

Advancing Slides

How to advance slides automatically without a user having to click on the mouse

Looping a Presentation

How to loop a presentation to continuously play on a screen or monitor

Adding Background Music

Adding background music to a presentation to play throughout it

Installing Computer Hardware

How to install Hardware components correctly into a system unit

Installing Computer Software

How to install a Windows 8.1 Operating System, MS Office 2013 & Anti Virus Software

Pinging Client & Server Computers

How to connect client to server computer so they can communicate with each other

Adding a New User to a Network

How to add a new user to a network and restrict user access

Access Field Properties

How to take control field properties, what data appears in the table and how that data is formatted